I have just started a new blog; "the curious printmaker" for anyone who wants to experiment with printmaking as a way of developing creatively. I want to inspire you to extend your own exploration of the world, and to help you keep going when you feel stuck or uncertain about your creative work.
My blog will keep you supplied with new techniques to try, activities to kindle your creativity and ways to help you focus on the stuff you really want to do.

All the information has been amassed over several decades of experimenting, teaching and running community projects. In the winter of 2017-18 I found myself stuck indoors for several months, convalescing after an operation. Looking at the four walls and the rain and snow outside I decided it was a good time to get my printmaking and projects in order and share them with other people.

The idea is to develop an expanding resource of print based activities that inspire you to experiment and spark your curiosity. You will also find activities you can use with groups of all abilities.

The blog is currently on a separate website;